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Doctor Anita Dasilva Ibru is very glad to officially declare her placement

Doctor Anita Kemi Ibru, a USA educated OB/GYN professional, announces her position as medical professional at Ideal Eagle Hospital in Lagos, Africa.The necessity for medical professionals is always evident within regions with high poverty and also poor nutrition rates, and Dr. Anita Kemi Dasilva Ibru is happy to officially announce her placement with Ideal Eagle Hospital withinLagos, Africa. As with her various other ventures as well as health-related work, Doctor Anita Kemi Dasilva Ibru is working relentlessly to help meet the needs of one of the main subsets of Nigeria’s populace. With the AIDS situation hitting epidemic proportions, primarily amongst the underserved as well as undereducated female populace of Nigeria, the need for physicians that specialize in women concerns will be substantial. With a focus on women health, Doctor Kemi

Dasilva Ibru, in her position inside Ideal Eagle Hospital is doing a lot to help boost both health and schooling for ladies and also adolescent girls suffering from AIDS, hardship, and an insufficient proper schooling.Doctor Kemi Ibru has been educated in Johns Hopkins University in America , wherebyshe received her Master’s in Public Health. She currently focuses primarily on OB/GYN medicine; a niche she is putting to vital use each day in her own work in Ideal Eagle Hospital. Working along with specialist cardiologist Dr. Maurice Hobeiche, Doctor Anita Dasilva Ibru is very glad to officially declare her placement in the hospital’s brand-new facility.Doctor Anita Kemi Ibru has been doing much to aid the feminine and underserved people in Nigeria, and she is also a panel member of ERAF, or The Erelu Adebayo Foundation, an NGO that works well to provide help to females, children, orphans, and individuals affected by the AIDS turmoil by way of job expertise coaching, feeding and adoption programs, education, health care, and more. Prior to moving to Ideal Eagle Hospital, Kemi Ibru worked alongside the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, which is where she had been employed when she earned a highly sought after spot on NIPRO’s Global Top 40 Under 40 Nigerian Female Professionals list.

Ladies within Nigeria, particularly those that are impoverished as well as uneducated, are typical victims of the AIDS situation. The sickness orphans numerous children each and every year, causing a lot of little girls to raise their own brothers and sisters with no training and no valuable career skills. Dr. Kemi Dasilva Ibru, through both her work with ERAF and her position within Ideal Eagle Hospital is trying hard to handle this matter both medically and its root cause in order to make an authentic improvement in the particular lives associated with Nigeria’s women and young girls.Dr. Anita Kemi Ibru and also Dr. Maurice Hobeiche would be the two full-time physicians retained by the hospital, although the center does have a full support staff.

Whilst the primary function of Ideal Eagle Hospital would be to offer servicesto workers of firms belonging to the Chagoury Group, they are equipped to meet unexpected emergency needs and to conduct surgical procedures and also strive to apply a policy of inclusion that provides individuals with much-needed accessibility to health care. The hospital features a range of onsite services, including cardiology, hematology, hormonology, coagulation, toxicology, microbiology, plus more. What’s more, it includes an intensive treatment unit, an emergency room, a complete research laboratory, along with health care imaging devices.The need for quality medical care is widespread, and providing accessibility to unexpected emergency medicine as well as maternal treatment as well as other essential feminine attention is something that she usually takes great pride in.